Maui's #1 video company
  • Big Beach
    A must see for all visitors to Maui,
    picture postcard beaches stretch around
    all sides of the island.
  • Maui is:
  • Gorgeous Sites
    A small perk for joining our internship class
    is taking a break from filming and editing to enjoy
    the beautiful views of the island.
    Come, relax, and enjoy the tropics with us!
  • Turtles
    The marinelife here is amazing
    turtles are almost a guarantee,
    visibility can reach past 60 meters


We are revamping the video page on our site as we are finally in a place with a good enough internet connection to upload some of our films, please check back for more great work over the next few days. For now, the following is a small glimpse of what we are up to:


Latest News

Summer 2013


NeverDry Video is now up and running on the island of Maui, HI. The diving is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful, and the scenery is amazing. Come play with us!

June 2013

Claire Happened

NeverDry Video is proud to have trained our newest graduate Claire!! A silly Scot, with a passion for destroying big food companies and pretty much anything else she touches. She was an excellent student and had a 100% unblemished sales record to prove it. Congrats Claire!!!

Winter-Spring, 2012-2013

Invitation for New Students

As we look forward to a gorgeous winter here on beautiful Maui, we once again invite students to our 2 week videography internship. Learn how to shoot, edit and sell awesome underwater videos. This is your dream job just waiting for you! Send us an email for full course details neverdryvideo@gmail.com

Fall 2012

Our New Home

NeverDry Video is packing up and heading on a new adventure. In the next few weeks, we will be making our new home in Hawaii. We will also be purchasing a whole line of new equipment for training. See you there!

April 21, 2012

Callum Douglas McLaughlin!

The NeverDry family gets a little bigger with the arrival of our son Callum, won't be long before he's got a camera in his hand for sure!!!

January 18, 2012

Graduate Sami

Sami came all the way from sunny Canada without her contact lenses! After overcoming this small hurdle she successfully completed her 2 week videography internship. She is now looking forward to starting her IDC in the Dominican Republic, nice!

December 15, 2011

Graduates Guy and Katie

The crack UK team of Guy and Katie sucessfully completed their 2 week videography internships back in November, they stayed for a while to gain some more experience and then accepted new jobs at a dive school in Cyprus working as videographers and divemasters

November 14, 2011

Graduates Pete and Orelie

Since completing the 2 week videography internship, Orelie moved on to Mexico where she is working as a freelance videographer, she has been very successful and we're very proud of her! Pete decided to stay on here in Bocas for a while and work with us as a freelance videographer and has been a great asset to the team!