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    A small perk for joining our internship class
    is taking a break from filming and editing to enjoy
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Welcome To NeverDry!

NeverDry Underwater Videography was established in 2010 in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. After three very happy years working and growing steadily we relocated to Hawaii in 2012. We are now aiming to become the highest rated dive tour company on Maui. As we are focusing now on tours and diver training we will only be offering our video course as a PADI specialty rather than an internship. We hope to offer our two week course again in the future, please stay tuned for updates. For any further info please visit our new site www.Hawaii-Diving.com
We are proud to host our sites through iPage!


Training in Underwater Videography is now available! If you are interested in learning about underwater videography, either as a passion, hobby or career then please use our Contact Page to register interest. We look forward to training you! Also, if you are not going to be in our area, we highly reccomend Koh Tao ProVideo in Thailand. They were our mentors and working with them was amazing.

NeverDry Intro

Click the image below to watch our intro, and see what you will be able to create after only two weeks with us.... (This video was filmed by, edited by, and stars many past and present NeverDry students and staff)


"I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for the underwater videography internship with NeverDry Videography, but what I experienced exceeded all of my expectations. Mike and Jen are two of the nicest and happiest people I have ever met. They are both wonderful teachers and remained patient through all of my millions of questions. The NeverDry Videography course far surpassed the PADI specialty requirements, delving deep into editing, producing, and selling actual DVDs. Diving with Jen, who would constantly identify and teach new shooting techniques, and editing with Mike, who is a genius with electronics, quickly made me feel proficient with videography. Because of this course, I now have the skills and confidence to pursue other opportunities involving underwater videography. Thank you Mike and Jen, you have given me so much and I will never forget you!"
-Jeanette Smith-

"The videographer specialty by NeverDry was really great!! In this course you learn not only the technical aspects of making a under water film like the absorption of light and color, the structure of a diving movie, the handling of the camera and finally the cutting of the material on a computer, you will also become a pro in Buoyancy Control to find your balance and a steady hand under water. But.... I think the best part of all these cool things you will do is the hunt for the rarest animals and the best shots with the videocam. Thanks for a great time and awesome impressions in HD!!"
-David Loosli-

"I spent two months in Bocas under the caring supervision of Mike and Jen and I couldn't have asked for more help than they gladly provided throughout my whole stay. Great teachers and awesome nightlife guides, they made it a memorable time both under and above the water"
-Scubafred (aka Fredrick Lundquist)-

"It was a week after I graduated from film school that I got an email from the Career Services Department about the Neverdry Internship. I had only been diving a handful of times in my life and never with a camera, but the challenge and adventure they offered was enough to get me. I was not disappointed. Mike and Jen are excellent teachers, both for scuba diving and videography. Each dive improved my film technique or buoyancy, each editing session improved my speed. I worked with Mike and Jen for two months and by the end of it I had learned the skills needed to take my degree in a new direction. Thanks a ton Mike and Jen!"
-Daniel (Young) Waugh-

"After watching everyday a colleague doing videography in the dive shop where I used to work, I decided this was my next dream job! The only problem was not knowing exactly neither where, nor how to start! I found out about the 2 week internship with NeverdryVideo which happened to be exactly what I needed to reach this goal. I learned so much in two weeks! I started from not knowing much about underwater videography to actually getting ready to be a full time videography freelancer in Mexico! This training gave me the basic and some more advanced techniques on how to shoot well underwater as well as how to edit and produce fun videos to watch! I totally loved it and will carry on loving it as this will be my daily routine now. I fully recommend it and would like to say a big Thank You to Jen & Mike who were very helpful for the whole time I was there and who also made it fun!"
-Orelie Farve-

"Firstly we want to give the NeverDry team a massive thanks for providing us with a truly original experience in Bocas! You provided us with an experience of a lifetime and opened our eyes to a magical world through a camera lens. It's not until you playback your finished films from the start to the end of the internship until you can really appreciate how far Jen and Mike had brought us, not only as underwater videographers but as divers! Bocas was a perfect place to study, with a consistent target clientele and variety of stunning marine life. We would also like to give a special thanks to Jill who let us shadow some of her own shooting and editing techniques during our stay! Many special memories and people will remain close to our hearts for years to come!"
-Guy and Katie-

I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for an internship with Neverdry but I was looking for a way to expand on my dive skills so thought I would give it a go. It turned out to be a truly awesome experience and well worth the time and money I put into it. Mike and Jen are two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with and they're great teachers as well. The course itself is very hands on which suited me well. Right from the start they had me out getting footage and getting to grips with the editing software. I was amazed how much I progressed in just a couple of weeks and enjoyed it so much I decided to stick around for a few months afterwards. Most importantly I had tons of fun, got to know some amazing people and was sad to leave in the end.
Miss you guys hope to see you again sometime soon!!
Peter Lowe


Latest News

Summer 2013


NeverDry Video is now up and running on the island of Maui, HI. The diving is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful, and the scenery is amazing. Come play with us!

June 2013

Claire Happened

NeverDry Video is proud to have trained our newest graduate Claire!! A silly Scot, with a passion for destroying big food companies and pretty much anything else she touches. She was an excellent student and had a 100% unblemished sales record to prove it. Congrats Claire!!!

Winter-Spring, 2012-2013

Invitation for New Students

As we look forward to a gorgeous winter here on beautiful Maui, we once again invite students to our 2 week videography internship. Learn how to shoot, edit and sell awesome underwater videos. This is your dream job just waiting for you! Send us an email for full course details neverdryvideo@gmail.com

Fall 2012

Our New Home

NeverDry Video is packing up and heading on a new adventure. In the next few weeks, we will be making our new home in Hawaii. We will also be purchasing a whole line of new equipment for training. See you there!

April 21, 2012

Callum Douglas McLaughlin!

The NeverDry family gets a little bigger with the arrival of our son Callum, won't be long before he's got a camera in his hand for sure!!!

January 18, 2012

Graduate Sami

Sami came all the way from sunny Canada without her contact lenses! After overcoming this small hurdle she successfully completed her 2 week videography internship. She is now looking forward to starting her IDC in the Dominican Republic, nice!

December 15, 2011

Graduates Guy and Katie

The crack UK team of Guy and Katie sucessfully completed their 2 week videography internships back in November, they stayed for a while to gain some more experience and then accepted new jobs at a dive school in Cyprus working as videographers and divemasters

November 14, 2011

Graduates Pete and Orelie

Since completing the 2 week videography internship, Orelie moved on to Mexico where she is working as a freelance videographer, she has been very successful and we're very proud of her! Pete decided to stay on here in Bocas for a while and work with us as a freelance videographer and has been a great asset to the team!